February 6, 2014

Gas Caps

Gas Caps Oregon 1939

Gas Caps

The aptly-named Gas Caps offers a variety of baseball caps adorned with vintage state license plates—a very cool way to represent different regions of the country without resorting to sports mascots or hokey tourist attractions. As a die-hard Philly fan, I can certainly understand the reluctance to wear another city/team’s colors. However, these caps definitely seem more representative of travel destinations or miles logged on a particular stretch of highway and less like badges of hometown pride. A number of different fabrics and styles are available, including my personal favorite—gray wool. I have my fingers crossed that the mid-1900s PA plates make the cut:

PA Plate

Check out more cap designs in the Gas Caps Shop.

Photo Credits: Gas Cap product images by Gas Caps, PA plate by woody1778a on flickr