September 1, 2014

Day 1


Today I sat in a room at 544 Spruce Street, light pouring in from the late summer sun, and smiled as I pounded away at my keyboard. I did this alongside 3 others in what I believe to be the first legitimate coworking space in my relatively small neck of the woods, Scranton, Pennsylvania.

I say legitimate because I know that term has been thrown around here before. It is usually muttered at a mixer or social event by someone who sees it as a means to better their bottom line—earn some revenue on that property that’s been sitting around, qualify for a few tax breaks, hell, even look good to potential voters.

This is entirely different. This is ours. This is Coalwork, a community of members and not just a space with a lucrative sub-division—working together, not just near each other. We own the space. We are the community and we plan on kicking this town square in the balls and showing everyone what we’re capable of.

Coalwork began nearly two years ago when Colin, Chris and I began getting together for coworking sessions in diners and eventually in Chris’ house. We saw firsthand what dividends could be experienced when both social and professional relationships work. Plain was born in those sessions and our product Barley began there as well. What will be created within the walls of Coalwork? I can’t wait to see.

While the steps to get Coalwork up and running, accepting members and in its own space come to and end, the real journey begins. This is day 1 and we have big plans for the community, the space and nearly everything else, but I’m more excited to what others have in mind.