September 6, 2014

Kitchen Experiment: Pot Dog

I had an idea. Well, I have a lot of ideas especially regarding food, but this one was simple enough to try. I wanted to replace the hot dog bun with a deep fried potato, basically wrapping it in a giant french fry. Can’t go wrong, right? Pretty much.

I had a leftover baked potato on-hand, so I carved a channel out of one half of that mother and fried it in canola oil, along with a hot dog (Hebrew Nationals are my personal favorite). I thought that if I could get the temperature right, the potato will have a crispy outer shell, while remaining soft on the inside—I fried the potato at a lower temperature for a longer period of time. Because the dog was fried as well, it was also nice and crisp.


The Verdict: Not bad at all. The flavors absolutely fit together (no surprise there), but the structural integrity of the potato left a little to be desired. In the future, I would try and reduce the volume of potato and really just use the skin. But, overall this could be a winner. Remember where you saw it first.