September 10, 2014

Shopping Tall

Finding clothes that fit well can be tough. Being 6’6”, I understand this as much as anyone. I’ve found that, while there are a fair amount of options for plus-sizes and even smaller sizes like extra small, pickins are slim for tall-sized items. These “tall-sized” pieces of clothing that I’m referencing are identical to normal ones, but have slightly longer mid-section and sleeves. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the difference between appearing to be a normal, sane person and walking around in a perpetual man version of a crop-top.

Although I’m forced to pass on nearly every screen printed t-shirt out there, I have found a few places offering longer shirts—they are listed below. Some are better than others for various reasons, but these all seem to be legitimate options.

Places to find tall-sized shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts:

I’m always searching for new stuff, so I plan on updating this list. Hopefully more brands and retailers consider tall options in the future—looking at you Everlane and Frank & Oak.

Suggestions are welcome? If you have any, shoot them over to me on twitter (@kyleruane) and I’ll add them above.