September 16, 2014

USPS Redesign

GrandArmy’s re-brand of the United States Postal Service ranks up there with some of the best I’ve seen for something so often considered boring or mundane. Their new vision for the storied institution folds in timeless illustrations and graphic elements along with bold typography while retaining the stark legibility you would expect from a government agency. The classic color scheme was kept intact, leaving an undeniably patriotic feel.

Much of the character shown in the newly designed materials comes from the typefaces—Knockout and Gotham from Hoefler & Co. I love these choices and think they’re a perfect representation of American design.

According to this piece on Fast Company, some of the designs were revised in-house after completion of the project. While the final product is very good, the original concepts laid out have an edge that fit so perfectly. With the new designs, “the USPS sought to modernize its image, and more importantly, streamline the retail experience with clear signage, way-finding and packaging.” I’d say GrandArmy hit the mark. Well done.

Check out the work here.