November 4, 2014

Scranton Icons

I put out an APB yesterday for things in Scranton that are “staples” of the area. I have an idea for a design, and want to represent Scranton with iconography of its history and culture. I started with a decent list, but am really interested in what others associate with Scranton (other than the Office).

Below is a running list of ideas and things—to be updated for sure.

History & Heritage

  • Coal, mines, mining (via @NEPA_MOM)
  • Electricity, Electric City sign
  • Steamtown, trolleys, trains, railroads (via @NEPA_MOM)
  • Baconville (former name of Jermyn, via @cdevroe)
  • La Festa Italiana
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Iron Furnaces
  • SWB Red Barons

Geological Features


  • Wings (via @RattMob)
  • Square Pizza (via @NEPA_MOM)
  • Round Pizza
  • Pierogies
  • Texas Wieners


  • Lace factory
  • Cultural Center
  • Library
  • Courthouse

Brands / Miscellany

  • The Globe
  • Crystal Club Soda
  • Top Dog

Know of any more that need to be on this list? Send me a tweet – @kyleruane. The more obscure the better.