Cotton Bureau Plus

Cotton Bureau Plus is a do-it-for-me solution for high profile people that want to offer merchandise but have no interest in managing the countless responsibilities that entails—product design, production, fulfillment, e-commerce, and customer service. The idea is that you provide the fanbase and CB would design a custom product line and devise a merchandise strategy tailored to your unique brand.

Before the official launch at the start of 2019, we ran a pilot program for an entire year, building a system that allowed partners to have a branded storefront on the Cotton Bureau platform.

All work done with the team at Cotton Bureau.

Marketing Site

Although a majority of candidates are discovered through word-of-mouth referrals and outbound campaigns, a simple marketing site was needed to aid in sales efforts and to help announce the program. This site was designed to help potential partners self-identify by showing examples of peers with whom we've worked and speaking to their needs. The goal, besides acting as a whitepaper of sorts, was to entice attractive leads to contact us to start the sales process.

Testimonials form partners representing a variety of industries are displayed along with images of their products. Besides communicating what and ideal partner might look like, we are showing what types of products we can create and fulfill. We felt this was extremely important for a company that, until recently, sold primarily t-shirts.

Partner Storefronts

A simple, customizable storefront template was designed and built to allow us to quickly and easily create branded stores for new partners. Besides the ability to add a logo, background images/colors, and typefaces could be controlled to help a store stand out amongst peers—even those with fully custom stores.

Stores have the option to display a featured product which becomes an extension of the header, creating an attention-grabbing hero area. Stores can also forego the feature and stick with a more traditional, low-profile header.

Store with a Featured Product
Store with a Standard Header

Select pieces of customization are carried through to the product detail page, marrying our tried-and-true system with a partner's brand. The page intentionally toes the line between a custom store and the Cotton Bureau eco-system, whereas it needs to feel at home in both.

Product Page in Action
Another One
One More, This One Inactive