Unmark is a bookmarking system designed to help people turn the things they save from the web into actionable items. We call it the to-do list for bookmarks. After launching in 2014 and sitting dormant for several years, it was redesigned in 2019 and is currently in active development.

Project roles included UX considerations such as wireframes and user flow charts, feature planning and spec documents, interface design, icon design, branding, website design and development.

Version 1.0

The initial release was well-received but never had the attention and maintenance needed to scale its base enough to stay relevant. The roadmap was originally more ambitions, with nagging features encouraging users to act on their marks, statistics, media previews that allowed users to consume certain content without leaving the app, contextual suggestions based on the time of day, and a timeline view of marks letting the user browse marks based on date added. Supporting Chrome extension and bookmarklet were also created along with a simple marketing site.